Villagers will be aware of the existence of the Reserve Fund and that it gains its income from a quarter of the proceeds of the annual gala. It exists to enable money

to be given to village organisations, projects and causes that are in the interests of the village and its residents. A comprehensive set of guidelines exists against which everything is considered and to make things as fair as possible. Of particular note:

The guidelines state it would be desirable, although perhaps not always possible, for any individual (organisation) making a bid to state that they have been involved in financially supporting the Ellington Gala (& hence the Reserve Fund) from which they are seeking a grant.

Also, any organisation, or individual, seeking a grant will be expected to have made a substantial contribution of their own to their fund (project). In any event the Reserve Fund usually only makes a partial contribution to the cost of any project.

If anyone wants any further information about the Reserve Fund, or needs any guidance with regard to a bid, please contact Nigel Bentley. Also, if you are considering submitting a bid, please do so in good time.