We are very fortunate to have a village club. It is currently open on Thursdays between 8pm and 10:30pm for cards, dominos, darts and pool, or simply to have a drink and a chat. On Fridays there is Bingo. Doors open at 8pm ‘eyes down’ at 8:30pm until 9:30pm, followed by the same activities as Thursday, but staying open a little longer until 11pm. Finally on Sundays, there is another opportunity to make use of the activities, or again to simply have a drink and a chat between 1pm and 2:30pm. Children are also welcome on Sunday.

We now have wi-fi available and a comfortable seating area in which to use your laptop, tablet or whatever. And while youre sitting there you can now have a decent cup of coffee or chocolate instead of (or as well as) all the other drinks available from the bar at very reasonable prices.

Events planned for 2018 so far are -

Sat 24 Feb 19.00 - Fish & chip supper followed by the film Dunkirk.

Other events will be arranged over the year and hopefully there will be 1 a month, usually on a Saturday evening.

The small but dedicated committee try to make the Club attractive to all villagers, but to be honest, we are in need of new ideas and/or volunteers to support activities.

 Please tell us if you have any ideas that would encourage you to leave your home and attend the Club. No idea is a bad idea, and if you can help support your suggestion, that would be most welcome too. So come on, please come and see us and share your ideas. The bar is very reasonable at *£2.40 for a pint of draught lager or bitter, £2.80 for Guiness  a spirit with a mixer from *£1.70, and *£1.80 for a glass of wine. We also have cans of soft drink at just 70p.

 Membership is £10 for lifetime membership, £5 for three years membership, £2 for one year membership and 25p for visitors who are to be accompanied by a member. Please feel confident that on your first visit, there will be a Club member who will be happy to sponsor you.


<div class="layoutArea">*Prices correct as at Jan 2018

 If you would prefer, please use the following e-mail address to

contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Chair - Sue Rice 896139

Secretary - Pat Rice 890173